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How do I obtain a vehicle identification number (VIN) check for my vehicle?

OR a hull identification number (HIN) check for my boat?


The most common reasons the BMV requires an identification number check on your vehicle includes:


You purchased a vehicle with an out of state title.

You moved to Indiana from out of state.

You purchased a trailer without a VIN number.

You built a new trailer, and/or 

You have an error on your title.


For a VIN check please call 219-766-2332.  If you live within the Town of Kouts, we will come to your residence to complete the VIN check.  If you live outside of Kouts, you may be required to bring the vehicle to the Police Department to complete the check.


There is a $5 cash fee for a VIN check, which will be collected at the time of the inspection.  A receipt will be issued.



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