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"To Protect and Serve:  Small Town Policing"


Since the 1880's, Kouts has had a number of Constables and Town Marshalls. The town of Kouts was incorporated in 1921.  The first Town Marshall was Dan Doon.  The first jail (photo below) was built in 1923 and cost $360.





This history page, will be a constant work in progress.  Anyone that may have photos of past Kouts police cars, Kouts police officers, or historical fact on our history, including news articles or press releases, please contact us , as we are struggling to find photos and information at the library.





Jim Smith 2013 to Present

James Boyce 2008 to 2013

Joe Kirk - 1994 to 2008

Joe Olejniczak - 1994

Edward Blakely - 1983

Don Sutter - 1980 to 1983

Randy Walden -

Leland "Bing" Jamecke - 1956 to 1977

Charles Mason -

Ewalt Jahnz - 1935 to 1943

William Shultz -

Joe Shephard -

Homer Stewart -

Simeon Rice -

Grand Shoup -

Herman Chael -

Walter Jackson -

Barney Mawell -

August Vergin -

Luther Wise -

Herman Kosanke -

Charlie Lane -

Ottol Knoll -

Dan Doon - 1880


If anyone knows any other specific dates, please contact us so that we can update the site.  Thank you.



Our goal with this page, is to provide you with a little bit of history, of the Kouts Police Department, starting with the roots of the department, and working our way up.  It will take time to gather information, as there is not much currently available.  As we receive information and photos, we will post it on this page.


Please check back soon, and see what new information  of the KPD heritage, we have located.  





Fred Untch dontated the Kouts pamphlet below, to post on the website.  What a wonderful piece of Kouts history!

Photo credit of the photo below:  125th Anniversary Kouts Edition

Photo credit of the photo below: 100th Anniversary Kouts Edition

Photo credit of the photo below:

Kouts Journal July-August 1993

Photo credit of the first Kouts jail (photo below):

100 and 125th Anniversary Kouts Edition

Photo credit of the photo below:  Private collection

2:07:58 begins the Kouts Police Department

Photo (and caption) donated by Tony Rose

Seated left to right: Sue Carpenter, Stan Krug, Nick Mazucco (Moyer), Joe Shepherd,

Ewalt Jahntz, Steve Krug. Standing Tony Rose (me), Ed Blakely (then chief),

and Ernie Deibel (sp?).  This must have been about 1979 or 1980.

Newspaper photo donated by Tony Rose

Pamphlet front
Pamphlet back
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