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The goal of the Kouts Police Department is to provide a safe environment to raise our families and to protect the property within our jurisdiction.

There are a number of ways that we accomplish this.  
Patrolling the subdivisions and businesses is one way.  Interacting with our citizens is another.  By working together, we have been doing a good job keeping our neighborhoods safe.


Since I began serving with the Kouts Police Department back in 1995, I have watched as our town has steadily grown and our businesses thrive.

Upon being appointed as your Chief of Police, I am dedicated to continue serving the Town of Kouts to the best of my ability.


As such, I have created this interactive website to better assist in providing you with general law enforcement information, as well as yet another means of communication with your Police Department.


I hope to see you uptown soon.

James Smith,

Chief of Police

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